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There has been a significant increase in cyber attacks causing a huge array of problems. Every business is at risk when sensitive information, intellectual property and business strategies prove to be attractive targets for criminals. If proper protection is not put in place to prevent these cyber attacks and minimise the risk of data loss, then it could have a significant impact on share price and revenues, as well as, leading to penalty and damage to your reputation.
At Teceze, we work hard to reduce the risk of these problems by introducing systems that are designed to future-proof your business from these attacks.Cyber Essentials is a certification that is supported by the industry and has been created by the U.K. Government. It has set a number of criteria that organisations can use as a guide to measure their cyber security systems through implementing five key controls. This can then help to reduce the risk of as much as 80% of cyber attacks.

Cyber Essentials was designed to deal with the issues faced by the Government and further industries, enabling their partners and suppliers to introduce a high-standard of cyber security.

Organisations that carry the Cyber Essentials certification will provide partners, suppliers and customers with confidence while also proving that their data is protected from the risk of cyber attacks.

Benefits & Key Features

Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus includes a number of benefits in terms of cyber security and a commercial perspective.

Cyber Essentials:

Identify risks and implement the correct controls to remove or reduce them Sensitive data will be safeguarded Government suppliers have to carry the certification and public service contracts

Proves that you are compliant to a level that is endorsed by the Government Highlights just how important cyber security is to your business for partners, regulators and suppliers Enables your business to perform competitively, particularly compared to those who are not accredited All General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requirements are met.

Why become Cyber Essentials certified?

Having Cyber Essentials certification delivers a level of assurance that proves that you are using the cyber security controls in the right way.

Cyber Essentials underpins Cyber Essentials Plus. This level determines whether the controls have been implemented correctly to protect against all threats.

Controls covered

Internet Gateways and Boundary Firewalls - stopping all unauthorised access

Secure configuration – ensuring that the system is configured in correct manner

Correct access control – ensuring that only authorised personnel can access systems

Malware protection – virus and malware protection is installed

Patch management – Ensures that all applications have the latest patches installed

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