IT Services for Legal Sector

2018 is remembered by many in the legal field as the year of the
General Data Security Legislation (GDPR). In the six months prior
to its enforcement, we felt an increasing fear within the practices of
solicitors and barristers' chambers about the additional imposition
of the legislation, along with an occasional lack of certainty as to whether their business was really prepared to cope with it.

So far, so good. While we have always been proud of our level of interaction and contact with our customers as a company, we have supported more businesses through a combination of consulting, training, and technical solutions than in our eight-year history as
a company. There is a lot of understanding out there as well as a
hard-headed business decision that a company is not going to be found out.

Ongoing Legal Sector IT Support & Maintenance

We make it our responsibility to provide ongoing IT support and maintenance while you are working with us. We take a proactive and reactive approach: ensuring that proper data backup and recovery plans are in place, while also taking immediate action to mitigate any downtime
or damage in the event of a disaster. Dedicated technical support and advisory team and tailored mobile data processing experience are also included in our ongoing IT support services for the legal sector.

So, you have come to the right place if you are looking for a legal IT service provider who understands the aspirations of law firms and the obstacles, they face in the technology world.

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How can we help you?

If you want to completely outsource to us or support your in-house team, we will provide all your IT support needs with a complete managed solution.

Managed IT Support

For any company that wants to succeed, a managed IT support plan is critical. We will become your dedicated team and strategic IT partner, delivering a tailor-made service tailored to your needs. We can maintain your entire IT estate and help your customers, both remotely and on-site, so you can concentrate on your business objectives.

Complementary IT Consulting

We can help if your internal IT team feels a little strained, or you're an IT manager in need of more support. Our complimentary IT support services will help strengthen your skills, easily integrate
with your team and, when and where you need it, add technological expertise.

Why Teceze?

We are an IT organization that talks in business terms.

We're not just focused on technology, and we're not talking to you in needless technical or sales discussions. Instead, take the time to understand your law firm, understand the ways you function, your problems and your goals with our industry-specialist team of consultants, technical architects and engineers. This enables us to create and execute measurable strategies that boost business.