Unified Communications
Our Unified Communication solutions help clients design and optimize their communications and collaboration infrastructures, integrating with business processes, applications and devices to provide seamless operations. Global IT Infrastructure delivers rapid design and deployment, ongoing, process-driven collaboration and cloud-based, cost-effective and scalable Unified Communication-as-a-Service.

Typical results: Integrated Unified Communication solutions can enhance workforce productivity by between 5 and 25 percent, reduce operating and capital expenses from up to 10 to 35 percent, and improve service levels by up to 20 percent.

Service Management Operations We use ITIL-based processes, governance and tools to provision and manage complex network infrastructures, including applications, connected devices and cloudbased services. Discovery, analysis and reporting services help clients improve servicelevels, increase security and compliance, and improve end-to-end availability, while reducing costs. Typical results: Integrated UCC solutions can enhance workforce productivity by between 5 and 25 percent, reduce operating and capital expenses from up to 10 to 35 percent, andimprove service levels by up to 20 percent.

Unified Messaging Solution
Our Unified Messaging Solution applies its business and technical acumen to offer a secure, available, scalable, robust and reliable solution that allows you to access your communication systems (telephone, email, fax, voice mail) from a single interface anytime, anywhere…instantly! We integrate your information streams and systems so that you can:

  • Spend more time using information rather than managing it
  • Deliver a consistent communications experience for all users. We install a central Inbox to channel all sources
  • Assure equal access, giving people, regardless of disability, the opportunity to communicate in their preferred method at a time that suits
  • Meet the latest open and industry standards

Enlist our specialists to integrate your business communications systems into one easy-to-use interface and discover how enhanced access to people and information can transform the way you work:

  • Higher productivity and lower costs as your team work smarter, not harder
  • The confidence of a secure, reliable and scalable environment tailored to your needs, designed and implemented by a trusted provider
  • High availability, giving your business a 24-hour storefront
  • Better customer care, as employees can now be more responsive

Telecom Expense Management
We perform comprehensive telecom expense assessment and solution design to streamline communications and improve efficiency, helping clients optimize telecom costs and improve service levels. Our solution delivers both short- and long-term savings. Typical results: Clients realize cost savings of up to 10 to 20 percent of telecom costs