Technical Consulting

Our professional consultancy covers all aspects of IT Infrastructure. This comprehensive service consists of four strands designed to harness the power of IT to benefit you:

• Consult. Our Professional Services Practice can provide an extensive range of consultancy services across a wide spectrum of businesses and technologies. As ‘client centric’ independent advisors, we are free from any manufacturer ties, so all our solutions are driven solely by your needs. Not only today, but over time.

• Improve. Fundamental to our approach is that the

technology should work for you, not you working for it! All Global IT solutions reduce administration to a minimum: scripts and automation is applied to reduce user intervention, the technology has redundancy built in, and we only use technology from leading software and hardware manufacturers proven to deliver a high degree of systems availability.

• Share. With sector specific consultancy capability and wide experience across a diversity of businesses, our consultants can bring together market information and case study references, so that your business can benefit from the shared knowledge of experts, as well as peers working in a similar industry.

Benefits of our Consultancy Solution

We have a proven track record of success in helping organisations of all types and sizes to work more profitably and productively through IT. Our services have delivered key business benefits, which you too can expect when teaming up with Global IT Infrastructure.

• An IT environment that develops clearly and uses the latest technologies best suited to the business. In this way, IT facilitates corporate objectives.

• Maximum systems availability. Productivity and user satisfaction levels stay consistently high.
Return on Investment. Through a solution that maximises profits and lowers costs.
• Competitiveness. Maintain or develop your advantage within your sector.

Infrastructure Consulting

At the heart of a company’s competitiveness today is its ability to move quickly in response to, or anticipation of, major developments in its markets. Our end-to-end infrastructure services—from data center and workplace to network and operations—can provide vital assistance in that regard, helping companies transform their infrastructure to be more agile, scalable and flexible. We help clients adopt leading technologies to enhance their technical infrastructure and achieve greater operational effectiveness, and we work with them to solve the increasing complexity of managing a multi-vendor sourcing model that’s increasingly linked to a cloud ecosystem