Information Security

Information Security

Penetration Testing
Our expert, highly skilled security and penetration testing specialists examine the robustness of your infrastructure, networks, applications and policies to assess the resilience of your security controls, and to identify all the areas that an attacker could exploit to gain unauthorised access. Our complementary managed security monitoring services provide ongoing fully managed assessments to help you maintain your security posture between full manual penetration tests. Should an incident arise, our information forensics services help you respond quickly and efficiently and help you to work out what happened.

Our expert research and software development team are simply amongst the finest in the world, performing independent cutting-edge security research for both commercial and government organisations. Our findings help us respond to the challenges you face, continuously improving our testing methodologies and information software security products.As experts across the full testing spectrum we can deliver bespoke testing to suit your unique requirements and deliver training courses to help your technical staff embed appropriate security into your infrastructure and applications

Data loss prevention
Organisations may choose to implement a DLP programme through a desire to align with good practice or alternatively comply with industry standards such as PCI DSS. Once the decision to implement has been made, significant challenges face any adopting organisation. Any effective DLP programme involves logical solutions to provide comprehensive awareness. These solutions require ongoing maintenance hence the consignment of significant resources time and effort is necessary and many organisations are considering outsourcing the management of their DLP programme with ongoing tuning of toolset policies and first line incident response.

As organisations become more collaborative, it is important for them to prove their maturity with respect to information security. Holding ISO27001 certification is widely accepted proof of a reliable and accountable information security management system that conforms to industry standards, confirming to both management and customers that the organisation is proactively managing its security responsibilities.

Global IT Infrastructure can provide consultancy services to support an organisation in aligning its security policies and processes with these industry best practises. Where conformity has been achieved, Global IT Infrastructure will use its expertise in ITIL and SFIA to provide an overall standards based approach to security governance.

Firewall Security
Monitoring and managing your firewall is crucial to safeguarding your organization’s security. But as today’s threats grow more sophisticated, and the skills needed to address them become increasingly scarce, successful firewall management can quickly become complex and costly for your organization. Our Managed Firewall Services provide customized, around-the-clock firewall protection at a fraction of the cost of traditional solutions, allowing you to stay ahead of the threat while also freeing up valuable resources

Email and Web Security
A wide range of communication channels are now available to employees, such as email, instant messaging, chat, Web mail, and peer-to-peer file sharing. Whilst they can be mission-critical, they also represent serious threats to data security and can expose organisations to reputation, compliance, legal, and financial risk.

Web and email content security solutions provide policy-based controls designed to secure, monitor, filter, and block threats from messaging (email & instant messaging) and Web traffic. In doing so, organisations can protect against inbound threats such as spam, fraudulent emails (phishing attacks), viruses, worms, trojans, spyware, and offensive material.

Our web and email solutions are also designed to protect against outbound threats such as loss of confidential data, customer records, intellectual property, and offensive content leaving an organisation.