What is Remote Working Penetration Test?

Remote working penetration test is conducted to detect cyber security threats and risks which might occur due to remote working solutions. Remote working solutions namely
include Virtual Private Network (VPN), Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) and a Virtual Desktop.
This method of penetration testing is used to assess the security controls, cloud access
and network controls in order to provide and maintain a secure work environment for your users.

Why You Need Remote Working Penetration Testing?

Every organization is compelled to adapt the current working scenario which is work from home or remote workforce. This situation opens the door for various challenges especially in terms of device security and network security. The users working remotely must have a secure device to access the company documents and data. Also, the network they use to access the internet regarding work must be secure too.

Remote working penetration testing gives you an accurate knowledge of how secure your external infrastructure is with regards to remote access. This penetration testing method is a combination of automated scans and manual evaluation. A complete report on the vulnerabilities discovered after the penetration testing will be presented to you and the assessment of your security controls will be validated. Therefore, remote working penetration testing will ensure your organization is secure and the users accessing your company data from any part of the world is free from cyber threats and risks.

Organization’s need to perform remote working penetration testing because:
1. Minimal endpoint visibility.
2. Users access the company data via their personal devices.
3. Firewall security is ineffective.
4. User authentication and verification is a challenge.
5. The attack surface is bigger.

Key Benefits of Remote Working Penetration Testing

1. Enabling Two-factor authentication and session management controls. 

2. Identifies the attack method and insecure configurations to avoid data loss or a security breach.

3. Better access controls.

4. Providing a secure remote work environment to your employees and clients.

5. Prevents reputational damage.

Remote Working Penetration Testing

Given the current set of unexpected scenarios, every organization is very likely to experience service interruptions due to various reasons. This may very well include new workplace policies and how to enact the remote workforce for each employee successfully. It is also very essential that users must access the organization’s data and files in a secure manner. Due to the sudden implementation of work from home policy for every resource, it is an organization’s responsibility to have proper security measures for the same. No organization could afford the interruptions in their business operations.

The new reality of work from home is a major security concern for organizations. As every resource use their personal systems and devices to access the sensitive company data, then it increases the risk of cyber threats. To ensure your organization is secure and the systems are protected against cyber threats and any cyber risks, remote working penetration testing is mandatory.

Teceze’s Remote Working Penetration Testing Offer to Your Business

The remote workforce is a new reality globally. Teceze’s remote working penetration testing service will ensure your organization’s network security is out of reach from hackers and cyber risks.

Teceze’s remote working penetration testing solution finds vulnerabilities that might expose your infrastructure and assists in formulating remediation to keep your business secure. We make sure your organization doesn’t suffer from insecure authentication, security misconfigurations, outdated software, inadequate patches, and more.

Our Services include;

Remote Access Break-In Penetration Test

External Vulnerability Assessment

For pricing on these additional services, please contact our sales team directly on sales@teceze.com

Our Solutions

Our remote working penetration testing undertakes a complete assessment of misconfigured infrastructure, devices and applications then identify the security flaws that may cause potential damage to your business and reputation. We offer our best services in keeping your remote workforce in a secure working environment.

Our expert services keep your business secure from the following threats;

  • VPN Misconfiguration
  • Firewall Misconfiguration
  • Cloud Misconfiguration
  • Personal devices of the users (BYOD)
  • Unauthenticated user access and controls
  • Remote Desktop Protocol loopholes

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