Security Perimeter Design

Our professional services practice makes it possible for our security architects to assist you with all aspects of security perimeter design, follow-on support and everything else in between. This enables your business to benefit in the best possible way. Extensive design capability and the best technologies underpin our security design service, delivering an effective and scalable IT environment that will align with your objectives and future goals.

Firewall Design – How does it Work? Designing a firewall involves the following five steps:

Firewall Design – How does it Work?

1. Identifying your organisational security needs. This is achieved through identifying the security requirements, assessing your security stance and then working with this information to identify your security requirements.


2. Outline a complete security policy that involves network resources, access policies, and authorisation controls. This makes it possible for the firewall to address all security needs and expectations.

3. Defining and configuring the firewall is made easy by identifying resources, applications, and services that will be protected from any threats from external entities and insider attacks.

4. Identify acceptable communications through an acceptable use policy that defines the different network activities that are permitted or not permitted on the LAN and the internet web services.

5. Firewall design is made around identifying enforcement points. Firewalls are implemented at the edge of all networks and are positioned between private LAN and public networks.

To enhance protection a profile is developed that will give an indicator of normal network traffic patterns. Putting a baseline in place makes it possible to identify unusual behaviour, enabling you to put rules in place to protect against attacks.

What can you do with Firewall Design?

Characterising the network, document the security stance and identifying the position of the business form a security perspective are all best practices.

Therefore you can:

– Determine network resources and all security requirements
– Spot known threats and understand how they should be dealt with
– Document operating systems, versions and applications

How Our Clients Benefit?

  • The security needs of your organisation are identified, enabling us to put the correct security in place.
  • Security policies are created using the correct controls and resources.
  • Enforcement points are identified, ensuring that your business benefits from a heightened level of security.
  • Known threats will be spotted and dealt with.
  • Permitted communication and network activities are identified and given permission to use the network

Security Perimeter design

Clearly identify the workflow for permitted communications as well as access right that are based on the roles of employees and the requirements of the users.

The firewall enforcement points can be determined. A firewall can be introduced to protect the network from the outer edges, the core as well as the DMZ.

Make the firewall as simple as possible.

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