Secure Code Review

What is a Secure Code Review?

A code review validates the security standards of your web application source code and identifies the underlying security vulnerabilities which may have been ignored in the development phase and ultimately exposing your application weak points. This exposed application will prone to cyber-attacks. A secure code review is a remedial method that involves a series of manual and automated screening of your web application’s source code to find out the security vulnerabilities that may prevail. Enquire

Why You Need to Perform a Secure Code Review?

In recent times, web applications are very critical for all organizations. Web applications store, manage and broadcast confidential data in an organization. The data accessed using web applications holds a greater value and thereby, becomes a major target for the cyber criminals.

Therefore, the web applications must be assessed at regular intervals. Web applications are often attacked using the following methods. They are;

SQL Injection

This method is imposed by hackers when a user inputs a data into a web application in the form of a command or a query. Hacker’s malicious payload makes the web application to execute commands that are not intended and leads to unauthorized data access.

Cross-Site Scripting (XSS)

This method grants access to a hacker to execute scripts in the user’ browser and leading to session hijacking, website re-direction to a malicious page. This occurs when a web application receives user input without a proper validation of a web page.

Broken Authentication & Access Control

Broken access control can lead to privilege escalation. Due to this, hackers gain access to information that contains administration rights and can access user accounts, view and modify the sensitive data of their choice.

Data Leakage

Web applications and APIs often do not protect the confidential information such as credit card numbers, patient information or social security numbers of the users. Data leakage in any organization leads to online theft, identity theft and more.

Performing a secure code review is important to make sure your web applications are not prone to cyber-attacks. Organizations must act proactively to secure their web applications, in order to maintain their reputation and trust with their users, customers and partners.

Key Benefits of Secure Code Review?

  • Detailed report on your organization’ web application security containing the security flaws, vulnerable points with the appropriate remediation steps.
  • Assessment of source codes prior to deployment to protect your organization’s reputation from a breach or any cyber incident.
  • Advanced protection of your business’ data, IT assets and business intelligence.
  • Product source code review to assure quality as a part of due diligence process during acquisitions and partnership.
  • Provides assurance on secure defensive development process.
  • Assurance to a secure Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)

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What Teceze’s Secure Code Review Offers to Your Business?

An exposed web application opens the door to a malicious attacker to steal data, manipulate controls, sabotage your reputation and lose customer trust.

Teceze’s secure code review focuses on the following security areas;

Teceze’s secure code review services rely on highly skilled cyber security analysts and pen-testers with extensive experience, in both defense and offense.

Manual Source Code Review

Teceze experts manually find security flaws underlying in the source code. These vulnerabilities are often found in network communications, access controls and encryption.

Automated Source Code Review

It is performed using well recognized technology partner tools to identify the security vulnerabilities.

  • Authentication & Authorization
  • Logging & Session Management
  • Data Validation
  • Error Handling
  • Encryption

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