Wireless Network Penetration Testing

What is a Wireless Network Penetration Test?

Wireless Network Penetration test is an authenticated and authorized hacking attempt to identify the vulnerabilities lying in the security controls used by wireless technologies, misconfigured access points and weak security protocols. Weak security protocols and rogue access points increase the risk of exposure of the wireless networks that leads to potential damage to the private network or organizational network. Therefore, wireless network penetration testing helps to detect the security weakness present in the wireless infrastructure. Enquire

Why You Need Wireless Network Penetration Testing?

Wireless technology is growing rapidly and are often attracting more attention of the cyber criminals. Wireless networks are abundant and mostly being targeted by hackers around the Globe. When a wireless network is vulnerable, then it provides a gateway for cyber intruders to gain access to your private network or your organization’s network. Every organization have adopted to install some form of wireless networks to their office premises. Therefore, VLAN routing, SSID controls have to be set up properly and Network segmentation has to be defined which grants a user to connect to wireless networks. In order to keep your business secure, the wireless networks that are being used primarily by employees have to be assessed for security vulnerabilities. By doing so, any unauthorized access to your private network and organizational data breach can be prevented.

Key Benefits of Wireless Network Penetration Testing?


  • searchIdentifying Existing Vulnerabilities In Your Wireless Networks And Preventing A Security Breach.

  • upaerrowUpgrades Your Wireless Network Devices With Latest Security Patches And Reducing The Chances Of Security Issues.

  • wierlesspcDiscovering Misconfigured Wireless Devices And Rogue Access Points.

  • unauthorizePrevention Of Unauthorized Access Into Your Secure Network.

  • validatingValidated Proof To Support Your Secure Network.

  • complianceEnsures Compliance With PCI-DSS And Other Industry Standards.

  • securitySecurity Audit Of Your Wireless Networks.

  • reducedReduced Data Leakage By Cyber Attacks.

What Teceze’s Wireless Network Penetration Testing Offers to Your Business?

An organization’s wireless network with vulnerabilities is susceptible to cyber attacks that may lead to a security breach. Teceze’s Wireless Network Penetration testing service performs the following;

  • Identifying Wi-Fi networks, including wireless fingerprinting, information leakage and signal leakage.

  • Determining encryption weaknesses, such as encryption cracking, wireless sniffing and session hijacking.

  • Identifying opportunities to penetrate a network by using wireless or evading WLAN access control measures.

  • Identifying legitimate users’ identities and credentials to access otherwise private networks and services.

Teceze has a dedicated team of penetration testing professionals. Our expert pen testers are highly qualified with strong technical knowledge. We provide a thorough assessment and is conducted in a secure manner. Upon completion of wireless pen testing, we provide a detailed report on the vulnerabilities and the calculated risk their business would have faced. We provide countermeasures as an act of remediation.

Key Benefits of Infrastructure Penetration Testing?

Our cycle of interaction

Our CREST-accredited penetration testers follow an proven methodology primarily based on the OSSTMM (Open Source Security Testing Manual). This method emulates the tactics of an intruder using several of the same tools that are readily accessible.

Scoping - Our account management team will address the evaluation criteria for the internal network in order to identify the research scope prior to the study.

Reconnaissance - The tester will identify and list wireless network access points where a signal may be transmitted at the targeted location(s), whether physically located at the targeted location(s) or nearby.

Evaluation - We test the target wireless network for possible vulnerabilities by using the information found during the initial process. This will enable the organisation's hazard and risk assessment to be reliable.

Reporting - The findings will be thoroughly evaluated by a qualified Teceze tester and a detailed report will be prepared detailing the nature of the study, the methods used and all the defined risks.

Re-test - To help and facilitate the remediation, we will have access to our testers and the raw test data. We can also re-test the systems so you can be sure that all of the found problems have been resolved successfully.

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