Storage Solutions
Our storage Solutions has the extensive specialist expertise to sort out IT storage problems of any size and nature. Our professional team works closely with you to:

  • Review your current storage requirements and develop a solution to cater for present and future storage needs
  • Provide proven, scalable technologies to ensure information availability and minimise cost
  • Store information at the right service level at the right cost
  • Implement tiering of storage to meet your business requirements
  • Provide of server, file and storage virtualisation to increase use and provide greater levels of flexibility

It’s not just about space. As your business enjoys greater accessibility to its resources and makes better use of them, it operates more intelligently and efficiently. Staff spend less time fire-fighting storage problems and more time focusing on achieving your strategic aims.

  • Storage is pooled making it easier to provision, manage, backup and grow
  • Utilisation levels of storage increase
  • You gain the ability to migrate and consolidate storage more effectively
  • Service standards rise, as you can now respond dynamically to the changing needs of your business

Datacenter Optimization
Data center enhancement helps clients deliver more efficient and cost-effective data center services to business users while improving service availability. We help clients develop a data center capability that can scale server availability as needed, greatly improve storage capabilities, provide the business case to secure funding, and execute the data center migration. The potential benefits include a 30-50 percent reduction across facilities, real estate, IT support, maintenance and resource costs

Data center automation
Data center automation automates the typically manual tasks associated with provisioning, patching and support of data center services. We help clients analyze business requirements and goals, identify, and automate solutions to, commonly known problems associated with the

provisioning and management of data center services, construct a supporting business case, develop migration plans, execute part or all of the operational migrations as well as standardize and consolidate underlying infrastructure technologies. The potential benefits

include up to 100 percent reduction in manual labour, reduced production support and maintenance costs, automated and enhanced reporting of compliance and configuration, faster delivery and improved quality of data center services to end users.

Private Cloud Implementation
Private cloud implementation builds Infrastructure-as-a-Service cloud computing solutions aligned to a service catalog with optional service assurance definitions and metering and billing. The IaaS is ready to host both Platform-asa-Service (PaaS) and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) private cloud offerings and can integrate with the Accenture Cloud Platform to provide a hybrid cloud. The potential benefits include up to a 30 percent reduction in server and storage footprint, faster delivery of services, and improved user empowerment through self-service.

Virtual Desktop Solution
Virtual Desktop Solution can design a tailor-made solution to meet the exact needs of your business, combining our in-depth knowledge of desktop environments and extensive experience working with a very diverse client base. Our approach to the Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

  • Our technical architects and experts assess and define your exact requirement.
  • We study the options available from industry-leading VDI providers. Our clients benefit from the close strategic partnerships we enjoy with these companies.
  • We design and pilot a bespoke solution consisting of the best technology to publish, stream and deliver your desktop infrastructure.
  • We implement an infrastructure that is expandable and adaptable, and can be provided to users regardless of location.
  • We document and transfer knowledge to IT staff and provide best practice guidelines for maintaining the VDI