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Why Security Operations Centre Is Essential To Your Business?

Cyber security 04/29/2020 - 12:29 by Swami Nathan

Benefits of the Security Operation Centre

We live in a world which is influenced by data. Technological advancements allowed us to store, exchange and access critical business data wherever possible. But then, hackers are also using sophisticated software and techniques to challenge data protection more than ever before. A Security Operations Centre or SOC lends an assisting hand there.

What is SOC-as-a-Service?

The Security Operations Centre is a team made up of cybersecurity specialists and qualified professionals. It is different from other IT departments because SOC conducts advanced IT security operations. Security operations centre services seek to eliminate threats to cybersecurity by early detection and reaction to any hacking incident or data breach.

The SOC offers 24/7 surveillance of computers, networks, and servers. It uses a large array of computer programs to identify some gaps in digital infrastructure and follows advanced security procedures. The key technologies involved in SOC as a service are firewalls, security information, event management systems and data-related solutions.

Why your Security Operations Centre is important?

A successful diverse company needs to be vigilant concerning its cyber security. A data breach can be expensive, with the latest figures being (on average) £3.18 million and reputational damage can be much more difficult to recover from. Hackers can strike from anywhere in the world at any moment, which means businesses have to be on alert 24/7.

It is where the Security Operations Centre (SOC) joins. A SOC and the skilled analysts behind it are critical to ensuring good security and preventing threats before the company they monitor is harmed.

A Security Operations Centre or SOC is a central unit that manages the security of an organisation by employing staff, processes, and technology. The concept is to identify and defend against cyber attacks by gathering data at one central location, storing it using the latest technologies and having trained security analysts perform investigations on any alerts and anomalies posed.

Cyber threats are open to organisations of any scale, and with cyber criminals using more advanced hacking tools, security has become an even more difficult job.

As a result, organisations are developing new technologies and services to protect themselves against cyber threats which become increasingly common with integration with a security operation centre.

Why do you need a SOC (Security Operations Centre)?

A Security Operations Centre is essential to maintain a strong posture in defence. Loaded with strong SIEM tools, a SOC can help guard against threats and secure them. Cybercriminals are active all over the world at all times and a fully-personnel SOC can help deter hackers from breaching your environment.

Compliance packages are increasingly making some form of log monitoring mandatory. For instance, it is an integral part of PCI-DSS. Without a SOC gathering the right details, it’s going to be hard to tell whether you’re under threat or worse, whether you’ve been abused.

If you are breached, it would be impossible to determine the root cause if you weren’t without obtaining the appropriate data. A SOC that has properly archived logs indicates that all proof and vulnerability indicators will be preserved for digital forensic examination.

What are the advantages of a SOC?

While many companies have operated for some time without a SOC, the growing incidence and severity of cyber attacks and the effect they can have on a company, either through financial losses due to network interruption and decreased operational performance or loss of reputation, means the benefits that a SOC brings are becoming even more apparent and the associated costs are easier to justify.

A monitoring capability of the network enables successful prevention, identification and response to any malicious attack. When a suspicious event is identified, the SOC will investigate and react accordingly, either using internal SOC personnel or requiring external assistance, by following tried and tested procedures to minimise both the impact and severity.

Below are some main advantages for your company from a Security Operations Centre;

1. Asset Centralization

Through the SOC services, you will get a real-time and holistic view of the company’s digital infrastructure. With this centralized asset, it’s easy to detect possible threats because the SOC can track them continuously. In this way, you can stay assured of smooth operations.

2. Improved Trust

When employees and customers personal data are safe their trust in your company is increased. SOC offers you high data protection against any cyber threat. It is safe to say that taking proactive and effective steps to prevent data theft or breaches is one of the best ways to boost the credibility of the company in the long run.

3. Enhanced Collaboration

The Security Operations Centre is a highly trained team of professionals working towards a common objective – data protection. When all departments are protected from any cybersecurity-related attacks, the departments are also functioning efficiently and ensuring collaboration amongst themselves. A SOC should promote the coordination and communication of the departments when addressing the data protection problem.

4. Higher Awareness

That is one of SOC’s most notable advantages. It will increase visibility and thus reduce the risk of data loss. This means you should expect a higher ROI while preventing data breaches. SOCs also make it easier for entrepreneurs to save big and keep important corporate data incorporated. Finally, you will get rid of sending hackers a ransom.

In the ever-changing technology environment, we experience new technologies and strategies. The intensely competitive industry environment also brings new challenges for entrepreneurs. In such a case, securing confidential and sensitive details is of utmost importance in keeping the customers trust. Through diversified models, SOC will help you achieve this goal. All you need to get high-quality SOC Services from a reputable partner in the technology.

Why an Outsourced SOC?

An effective Security Operations Centre (SOC) will form the centre of the operational defence of an enterprise against advanced cyber attacks. SOC problems when built in-house include a lack of qualified staff, costly stack infrastructure and a lack of monitoring metrics. Outsourced managed defence leads to resolving these challenges. To ensure that the entire network is safe and compliant, our Security Operations Centre (SOC) integrate into the IT infrastructure of an organisation.

To support, track and remediate by the use of our SOCs, we give our customers a single board of glass on all aspects of network protection of an enterprise. By outsourcing you can trust in the knowledge that your company is managed 24/7 by trained professionals at a fraction of the hiring cost in-house.

The only way to protect what you’ve worked hard to build is to be vigilant when it comes to cybersecurity. If you’d like to know more about how your business can benefit from managed services, just give us a call, we are here to help.

SOC as a service is a subscription-based service that manages and monitors your internal IT team's logs, devices, clouds, networks, and properties.