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How To Securely Overcome Work From Home Challenges

Cyber security 05/05/2020 - 12:33 by Ruchika Tyagi

How to Overcome the Challenges of Working from Home

Due to the current pandemic, we have quickly become accustomed to a new normal – that is work – from – home. In this vastly changed environment, in the last few weeks, we had many conversations with customers about how we can help them adapt to the new normal, all the while keeping their data secured.

The main challenge is that the number of remote workers has increased drastically in a very short period. Companies suddenly need a smooth way to provide access to key applications, to a large number of remote workers who usually access these applications through the corporate network.

There are many approaches to solve this problem, but the simplest one is Microsoft Azure – providing a way that employees can securely access any application from anywhere without even needing a VPN.

Make a smooth transition to the new normal with a proven solution

At Teceze, we have been a part of many transitions in the past for our customers. Based on our experience we can help you manage the transition in days, no matter whether your applications are in the cloud or your data center. By ensuring Business Continuity, our customers have reduced the chances of long-term negative business impact as a result of the current outbreak.

Here are some of the Major concerns we have helped them address

  1. Cost: To avoid a long-term financial commitment, the cloud subscription model is the best way to move forward. The primary objective is to keep your business running as usual with limited changes to everyday functions.
  2. Timelines to deploy: We have a qualified, experienced & certified team who can easily do the required implementation in weeks rather than months.
  3. Security policies: Based on our long experience in security, we can ensure that your application access is secured and does not expose your business to any undue risks.

Benefits of using a cloud-based remote access solution include:

  1. Smooth & fast deployment– Setup will take days, not months. Deployment is easy and management of a cloud-based remote access solution is possible quickly and from any location. There is no need for onsite employees to travel, they can stay safe and meet social distancing requirements.
  2. Access anywhere– Since it is not based on user location, device, or application, a cloud-based solution gives workers secure, safe, and efficient access from anywhere in the world. A cloud-based solution isn’t limited by bandwidth, so it’s a best-fit solution for companies of all sizes
  3. Consistent security– A cloud-based remote access solution platform makes security consistent across the organization, while admins have the same control to expand or limit access down to individual users and applications.
  4. Capacity– Many companies are having to upscale their infrastructure more than their normal capacity to support this new concept of a work-from-home workforce. However, within limited time and limited bandwidth capacities, upscaling to meet the demand is a tedious job, while a sudden announcement of work-from-home workers will overconsume the capacity, resulting in latency or failure as well as a loss of productivity.

The only way to protect what you’ve worked hard to build is to be vigilant when it comes to cybersecurity. If you’d like to know more about how your business can benefit from managed services, just give us a call, we are here to help.

The challenge is that the number of Work From Home has increased drastically in a short span of time. Companies need a way to provide access to applications.