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Reasons Why You Should Outsource Your Security Operations Center

Managed services 02/13/2021 - 01:21 by Swami Nathan

Why You Should Outsource Your Security Operations Center

Every company needs to detect threats and respond immediately. But it takes significant investments to build a detection and response capacity and many organizations struggle to assemble the required pieces.

The devices are rarely the problem; having a team of skilled analysts, scientists, researchers, and engineers who know how to operate and optimize this capability is the hard part. And while for most companies, the fundamental need is the same, security programs vary significantly.

Here are five main reasons why your SOC should be outsourced.

1. It's costly to find and retain talented SIEM/SOC teams

Locally, implementing SIEM and SOC allows you to recruit a new employee who is 100% familiar with the security industry. Mostly, you do this because there is no expertise in your present team. Unfortunately, it can be a total nightmare to find a single talented person to solve all SIEM /SOC-related problems.

Even if you want to employ a bunch of security specialists, due to the high cost of their wages, it would be hard to keep them in-house. Although security is critical, most organizations have a small budget and it is a good bet to outsource SIEM/SOC. We would advise you to go to a top-notch organization, though.

2. Access to a wider range of skills and expertise

As risks associated with overlooking threats and vulnerabilities continue to develop, the threat environment is continuously changing. As a result, cybersecurity requires professional expertise and skills that must be continually honed and kept up to date. However, it is always a challenge to find time for in-house workers to attend dedicated security training, particularly when Cybersecurity is the duty of IT teams and there are several goals to balance.

Just one in business units (24 percent) indicated that in the past year, any of their workers in cyber positions had undergone training. Meanwhile, in fields such as penetration testing, forensic analysis, and security architecture, about 408,000 companies (30%) have more specialized skills gaps, whereas over a quarter (27%) have a skills gap around incident response and do not outsource it (DCMS).

Effective risk management of information security needs dedicated professionals who have a thorough understanding of how cybercriminals function and the tactics they use. Organizations gain access to a team of security experts by outsourcing security, with a collective range of expertise acquired through many different industries. Outsourcing also offers an independent viewpoint, finding challenges that could be overlooked by in-house teams.

3. Flexibility and Scalability

Based on the features or levels, MSSP offers services. Have you ever wondered why this is what they do? In simple terms, they do this to appeal to various levels of the industry.

All business needs are not the same, to put this into perspective. For example, only a single security specialist working for a few hours a day might be needed by your start-up business. Your MSSP will pool your needs and those of others, to employ full-time staff when you outsource the service.

If you were to do this, even if he would just work a few hours, you would end up paying for the services of a single professional. Therefore, depending on the size of your business, MSSP has different plans to cater to different needs. You can pay a smaller price than a full-blown business if you are just starting.

As your company expands, you will later scale up and get another plan. As you just pay for what you require, this contributes to versatility. Web hosts make use of the same comparison. They provide start-up shared hosting, middle-class enterprise virtual private servers, and large-business dedicated bare-metal servers.

4. Reduced pressure on teams in-house

To oversee their entire cybersecurity operation, many companies rely on small in-house teams. Cybersecurity workers are often overworked and overwhelmed as a result of this. Protecting organizations from the new cyber threats is a difficult challenge and, as a result, teams frequently fail to keep up with critical security activities such as risk management and 24/7 network monitoring.

Organizations rely on a large variety of security technologies to support Security Operations. Configuring, tuning, and controlling these devices, however, is in itself an ongoing activity. Security systems produce a large number of warnings, and critical security incidents can easily be overlooked without dedicated specialists to examine them. No wonder that over-stretched security teams also suffer from exhaustion from cybersecurity warnings.

Organizations are now under pressure because of the global shortage of IT security specialists, which now exceeds four million and ensures that hiring and retaining security experts is expensive.

Outsourcing Cybersecurity helps to ease the burden on in-house IT and security departments, providing experts to help bear the load. Outsourcing also means that there is still 24/7 protection for companies and staff absences are not left unprotected.

5. Assured and Uninterrupted Service

There is no sleep for cyber threats and bad actors, and automated malicious tools scan day and night for network vulnerabilities. Maintaining 24/7 cybersecurity activities requires additional team members to quarantine a threat and prevent it from spreading across your networks, while immediate threat response is mandatory.

By running a 24/7 SOC and sticking to a service-level agreement (SLA) that defines the scope and delivery of the service.

The SLA (Service Level Agreement) also guarantees that when they become available or countermeasures against a new threat are ready to be implemented, an organization gets all the necessary software updates and patches.

Identifying the best-outsourced partner for security

Cybersecurity outsourcing may be a daunting prospect, but any problems can be resolved by choosing the right partner. At Teceze, we provide a variety of cybersecurity solutions, including award-winning, Managed Detection, and Response and Penetration Testing services, to help support your security needs. As an extension of your in-house team, our highly qualified experts work to provide the resources, advice, and actionable results required to help protect what is valuable to you.

We will work closely with you to fully understand your needs and ensure that your security keeps pace with the evolving threat environment.

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The devices are rarely the problem; having a team of skilled analysts, scientists, researchers, and engineers who know how to operate and optimize.