IIFL Finance
IIFL Finance

The IIFL Finance Limited is a diversified non-banking financial holdings company, which deals with a variety of services like home loans, financing of commercial vehicles as well as gold and SME business loans.
Additionally, the company offers its services on Wealth and Asset Management, Investment Banking, and Institutional Equities.


The IIFL financial holdings firm faced major challenges for managing its end user computing space. The company wanted to reduce its costs on managing its computing systems without having to endure any cost-constrained difficulties. There was also a critical need to safeguard the sensitive data with a risk-free approach and methodical strategies.


The IIFL firm provided the contractual and necessary obligations to TECEZE for managing its IT infrastructure in an able manner. By adopting the device as a service approach, TECEZE deftly dealt with the management of end user computing with a calculated and innovative approach. The hardware interfaces and digital assets were handed out to the IIFL firm with acute precision. The electronic devices and other essential digital assets were securely installed and deployed with absolute accuracy, as the entire service management process turned out to be an efficiently designed cost-effective strategy

Solution Highlights
  • The devices are configured precisely to enhance the user experience.
  • The device-as-a-service model manages lifecycles efficiently, without extra expenses.
  • Streamlined remote onboarding and offboarding processes ensure effectiveness and simplicity.
  • Continuous monitoring and instant tech support for prompt repairs.
  • Market leading rates
  • Accurate cost reporting
  • Harmonized technology
  • Shorter lead times
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