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How to Choose the Best Web Hosting Provider?

Managed services 01/07/2021 - 03:00 by Swami Nathan

Best Website Hosting for Small Business

Every website requires a host website. A website host is what offers a place to live for your website and makes it available to visitors.

For website hosting, there are several different choices, with a wide range of price points and features. It will help you to find a web hosting company that is a good match for your business by understanding what you need, what kinds of website hosting are available, and what to ask a potential web host.

Why is Selecting the Best Web Host Important?

As of December 2018, there were 4.1 billion internet users in the world, according to an infographic of internet facts released by The Hosting Institute, and that number will continue to rise exponentially in the years to come. One of the easiest ways to meet those billions of potential clients is through a website, and hosting service is the most successful and least costly way for a small business to get a website.

An early 2018 survey conducted by Clutch among 351 small business owners found that 64 percent of respondents currently have a website. Importantly, some 58 percent of the approximately one-third of respondents who do not currently have a website plan to have a website by the end of 2018. The study also found that 26% of the small companies surveyed paid less than $500 to build and host their websites.

Selecting a Web Host – What are the Features Should I Consider?

There are over a dozen features to consider when selecting a web hosting service provider. In addition to testing whether a provider offers a feature, the quality and credibility of the service must also be taken into account by organisations. In addition, selecting a web hosting service provider for your organization basically means selecting a new business partner. It is a long-term commitment to select a web hosting service and should never be made without serious and thorough analysis.


A website that is slow loading will drive away visitors and impact negatively on your company. A good host offers fast connectivity so that your website pages load quickly and your users have a positive user experience. Check out if the website and photos are easily loaded by the hosts.

Customer Support

While many still prefer the more conventional telephone and email customer support approaches, a hosting company that operates a live chat service will provide you with 24/7 contact with support technicians and engineers to ensure that everything runs smoothly and that problems are resolved within minutes instead of hours.

A web hosting company with experience in Azure-managed services and other complex tasks such as G Suite email migration to office 365 should be chosen, which needs high monitoring as there are chances of failures due to lack of supervision.

General Online Reviews

Reading reviews and testimonials from their previous clients is a simple way to find out about the credibility of a web hosting company.

Backup for Data

Some web hosts do periodic data backups in the event of database and hard drive crashes or hackers, so they should be able to recover the website fully, should the worst occur.

Features of the Server

For any website, accessibility is significant and so is future-proofing. Does the hosting company have the resources and the characteristics to allow for growth as your website expands and with it the amount of storage you need?

To meet the needs of your company or website, the hosting provider you choose should be able to simply move you seamlessly to the next plan or storage space capacity. Scalability – both upgrade and downgrade – is a significant aspect that is frequently ignored. This is a significant feature because if you find yourself in the wrong hosting item that is too big for your website, you should be able to downscale. So, make sure you find yourself a provider of hosting that allows you the flexibility to move to the right plan easily.


Another significant aspect is cost efficiency and it is worthwhile to find out if there are any hidden incremental costs for items like bandwidth, renewals and improvements. To find out where you can save the most money, compare the prices of different hosting packages.

Location of the Server

If the location of the data centres of your hosts is important to you, you can email the company or check quickly online to find their physical location.

Privacy and Security

Just because regulated guidelines should not have to be met does not mean that security should not be a factor in your decision. The internet is a rough neighbourhood, and to protect your server and website, you should ensure that your hosting company has adequate measures in place. It could be you who is responsible at the end of the day should something go wrong.


If the need arises, a good hosting company will give you the option to upgrade or downsize your hosting plan. It is better, to begin with, a shared hosting account and then, if possible, move on to a dedicated server later. There is, however, quite a generous allocation for bandwidth on shared server hosting packages these days.

Consider choosing Cloud Host Services as your Web Hosting Provider

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Speak to the Cloud Host Services Specialist

Web hosting is the generic name given to the business of, well, hosting a website for organizations or individuals. Truth is that it can be done by individuals or by businesses.