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What Is Cyber Essentials Plus And Why You Need It?

Compliance 11/27/2019 - 08:33 by Swathi Raju

What is Cyber Essentials?

The Cyber Essentials scheme was endorsed by the UK government to ensure data protection, and for organizations to comprehend how data can be used, secured, or compromised. Cyber Essentials provides data protection against widely known Cybercrimes.

The Cyber Essentials scheme has 2 levels of Certification;

  1. Cyber Essentials
  2. Cyber Essentials Plus

What is Cyber Essentials Plus?

Cybercriminals not only target larger corporations, but even smaller firms are at risk on an industrial scale as the intruders exploit vulnerabilities or loopholes in their IT Security & Infrastructure.

Cyber Essential Plus guarantees a higher assurance rate. Cyber Essential Plus requires an independent assessment of any organization’s security screening to validate that the 5 technical security checkpoints are in effect.

What are the Technical Security Controls of Cyber Essentials Plus?

To complete the self-assessment checklist, there are 5 Technical security controls to comply with any organization.

They are;

  • Firewalls & Internet Gateways
  • Secure Configuration
  • User Access Control
  • Malware Protection
  • Patch Management

Firewalls & Internet Gateways

Firewalls & Internet Gateways determine who has approval from the Internet to access your system or the network and control the user’s accessibility. It ensures that access from the internet seems to be feasible only to secure and necessary network services. A firewall helps in preventing hackers from accessing the network and from external threats.

Secure Configuration

Application server configuration and web server configuration are crucial in Cybersecurity. Secure configuration helps in protecting the computers and network devices to reduce the impact of inherent vulnerabilities.

User Access Control

It is vital to make sure that only authorized individuals are granted access to those applications required to perform their tasks. The user accounts for any sort of special privileges to be assigned to only limited users and to be managed efficiently. Minimal access to vital information in the system or networks shall prevent an intruder from accessing crucial and sensitive data.

Malware Protection

Protecting the business from an untrusted software product on the internet which could be liable to access the files and data on the system. Constrain the execution of known malware and untrusted software to prevent access to sensitive data through malicious code.

Patch Management

Software is prone to technical vulnerabilities. Hackers exploit known vulnerabilities in operating systems and third-party applications if they are not up-to-date. Making sure devices and software are not vulnerable to known security vulnerabilities that are liable for updates or fixes.

Why Cyber Essentials Plus is needed?

Cyber Essentials is a certification scheme endorsed by the UK Government to minimize cyber threats throughout the supply chain. Cyber Essentials Plus protects an organization against 80% of cyber threats. This assurance is advantageous to their business to prove that their working environment is very secure.

Also, attaining the Cyber Essentials Plus certification qualifies an organization to bid for key Government contracts or projects as the certification is likely to be made mandatory.

How to get Cyber Essentials Plus certified?

To get Cyber Essentials Plus certified, the following steps to be followed;

  1. Select an Accredited certification body
  2. Validate that your IT is adequately secure and meets the Cyber Essentials technical standards
  3. Upon completion of the Self-assessment questionnaire, the accredited certification body will evaluate the answers
  4. When passed successfully, the Cyber Essentials Certification will be rewarded

What Cyber Essentials Plus Certification offers?

The Cyber Essentials Plus certification badge is an approval for an organization to be officially portrayed as a secure work environment and that your organization has met the Government requirements to respond to cyber threats.

  • A comprehensive evaluation of the 5 technical inspections of security
  • Internal & External technical vulnerability scan
  • Review of inconsistencies in the analysis
  • Highly crafted framework for the enhancement
  • Analysis for risk re-evaluation
  • Cyber Essential Plus certification

Why Teceze for Cyber Essentials?

Our cybersecurity technical experts are CREST certified. We assess the Cyber Essentials 5 technical controls and evaluate your organization’s security perimeters. When our technical consultants are satisfied with your security measures and the assessment is a success, then we issue the Cyber Essentials certificate. We aim to help many more organizations achieve the Cyber Essentials certification.

Need help Regarding Compliance?

The Cyber Essentials scheme was endorsed by the UK government to ensure data protection, and for organisations to comprehend how a data can be used.