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The 20+ List Of Ransomware Attacks In 2020?

Managed services 05/22/2020 - 12:49 by Swami Nathan

Ever wondered what all the fuss around ransomware attacks is about? You heard about it in the office, or you read it in the news. You might have a pop-up right now on your computer screen that warns you of a ransomware infection. Okay, if you are interested to learn anything that you need to know about ransomware, you’ve come to the right place.

What is Ransomware? and List of Attacks in 2020

Ransomware is a kind of malicious software designed to block access to a computer system or computer files with the demand of paying out a sum of money. Most variants of ransomware encrypt the files on the affected device, rendering them unavailable, and demand a ransom payment to restore access to them.

Ransomware code is often not sophisticated, but it doesn’t have to be, because, unlike other forms of conventional malware, it doesn’t generally need to stay undetected for a long time to achieve its target. This relative ease of implementation versus high-profit potential attracts both sophisticated actors of cybercrime and novice actors to run ransomware campaigns.

How do we receive Ransomware?

Most ransomware is delivered via email which appears to be legitimate, encouraging you to click links or download an attachment that delivers the malicious software. Ransomware is also delivered on compromised or malicious websites, via drive-by-download attacks. Some ransomware attacks were also sent using messaging from social media.

Generic ransomware is rarely targeted individually, instead a “shotgun” approach – where attackers acquire email lists or compromised websites and blast out ransomware. Given the number of attackers out there, it’ll be by another attacker if you get hit several times.

Whether the ransom is paid or not, be aware that attackers will always try to extract useful data from a compromised machine. When sensitive machine data has been compromised, it might include usernames & passwords for internal or web resources, payment information, contact email addresses, and more.

“Check out The types of Ransomware and the preventive measures of Ransomware attacks

List of Ransomware Attacks in 2020

With organizations across the Globe turned upside down by the COVID-19 pandemic, Ransomware attacks have never been a worse time to suffer.

The bad news is that unsettled employees, many of whom are asked to work from home, and a depleted workforce mean an increased likelihood of an incident happening.

Check out the complete list of Ransomware attacks in 2020 here:

Ransomware Attacks in January 2020

  1. Travelex, a major international foreign currency exchange, has confirmed that it has suspended certain services after a malware hit.
  2. Hackers are demanding that Richmond Community Schools pay $10,000 in Bitcoin because of a hacking incident that happened on their server.
  3. eHealth records of Saskatchewan being held hostage by cybercriminals.
  4. Bartlett Public Library District, IL, Ransomware-Disabled Computers.
  5. Enloe Medical Center rescheduled elective procedures after its facilities were shut down.
  6. Anchorage-based dentistry notified patients following Ransomware attacks.
  7. Patients of The Center for Facial Restoration in Miramar, Fla, confirmed receiving ransom demands from a cybercriminal who threatens to disclose their public information if they don't pay the money.
  8. The City of Dawson Creek says that in an apparent Ransomware attack, its computer systems were hacked.
  9. BAKERSFIELD, Calif — The Panama-Buena Vista School District said teachers won't be able to get report cards on time due to Ransomware attacks.
  10. Colonie, New York, operates on backups after cyber criminals lock up computer networks.
  11. In Warren, New Jersey, Temple Har Shalom had its network hacked by the actors behind the Sodinokibi Ransomware, who encrypted several machines on the network.
  12. Oman United Insurance Co SAOG, one of the country's largest insurers has revealed a "Ransomware attack" against the company's data center.

Ransomware Attacks in February 2020

  1. Belvidere City Hall - A Local Government entity fell victim to a cyber-attack that for a few days denied employees access to their computers.
  2. Ransomware has infected the computer systems of the city of Racine.
  3. The University of Maastricht has paid the hackers who inflicted an Ransomware attacks on the university a Bitcoin Ransom of US$ 220,000.
  4. Allegheny Intermediate Unit has warned its workers because of a malware attack on its data network but said there is no initial proof that the attacker has accessed confidential data.
  5. North Miami Beach suffered from a Ransomware attack.
  6. Grundy County Court impacted with cybersecurity violation.
  7. Ransomware cripples the operating infrastructure in Havre Public Schools.
  8. Mississippi Center for Legal Services and Rural Legal Services in North Mississippi Struck by Ryuk Ransomware.
  9. MA-based paediatric doctors’ organisation hit by Ransomware.
  10. Nacogdoches ISD consults Garrison City after attack by Ransomware.
  11. The Port Lavaca City Hall’s server was recently hit by Ryuk Ransomware that entered through the email system.
  12. Redcar and Cleveland council reeling after suspected attack by Ransomware.
  13. Toll admits that some customers have been affected almost three weeks after the Ransomware attack.
  14. The Central Kansas Orthopaedic Group, attacked by Ransomware, refused to pay ransom and was restored from backups.
  15. Albanian accounting company BST struck by Maze Ransomware.
  16. Maroof International Islamabad Hospital was infected with a massive Ransomware attack.
  17. Butler County Community College recovering from an attack by Ransomware.
  18. South Adams schools targeted with Ransomware in Indiana.
  19. Wayne City was hit by a cyber-attack.
  20. FBI investigating Jackson Public Schools after suspected Ransomware attack.
  21. Students at IIT Madras fear a Ransomware assault on their data.
  22. Washington's Moses Lake School District was offline for two weeks after receiving a phishing email loaded with Ransomware.
  23. Grayson Co. offline systems due to attack by Ransomware.
  24. Gadsden ISD, New Mexico, was for hit the second time in a year by Ransomware.
  25. NY-based Jordan Health shuts down its systems after Ransomware infection.

Ransomware Attacks in March 2020

  1. After a failed attempt to disable the company's computer systems, the Maze ransomware group published the personal and medical details of thousands of former patients of a London-based medical research firm
  2. Texas bank was attacked with DoppelPaymer ransomware
  3. Ransomware virus discovered in government network of P.E.I.
  4. Simon Fraser University of Canada was hit by a ransomware attack, resulting in a data breach
  5. A ransomware attack has hit legal services giant Epiq Global.
  6. Four Queens Hotel and Casino and Binion's Casino are out of action in a suspected attack against ransomware
  7. Spartanburg School District One's network of computers struck by ransomware attack
  8. Fort Worth ISD Hacked, Hit by Ransomware Attacks, Joining Other Texas Schools
  9. A multinational company with a Perth office has been targeted by hackers
  10. Ransomware attacks public health department in Illinois amid coronavirus scare
  11. Randleman Eye Center claims certain files have been encrypted in cyber attack
  12. Officials from Durham town and county said 80 servers were quickly taken offline to contain a Ryuk malware attack
  13. Urgent care walk-ins locked down in Texas and Florida after suspected ransomware attack
  14. Houlton, ME, ransomware-hit police force again
  15. Finastra shuts down key systems under suspected attack by ransomware
  16. Police investigate Jamaica National Party ransomware incident
  17. Ameren Missouri equipment supplier targeted in attack by Ransomware
  18. Bluffton Township Fire District devices from South Carolina assault with ransomware
  19. Ransomware hit medical and military contractor Kimchuk

Ransomware attacks in April 2020

  1. Zaha Hadid Architects are being held to ransom by cyber crooks
  2. COVID-19 testing facility 10x Genomics struck by ransomware
  3. Brandywine Urology Consultants notifies ransomware attack patients in Delaware
  4. Brandywine Counselling and Community Services are also hit by ransomware
  5. Ransomware attacks lock 2 law firms from computer systems in Manitoba
  6. Portuguese energy giant Energias de Portugal hit with ransomware
  7. A Ransomware attack shut down Olean Municipal Building computers
  8. Torrance, CA, ransomware attack systems taken offline
  9. Danish Agro's computer systems are targeted by ransomware
  10. Internal confidential documents belonging to some of the world's biggest aerospace companies have been stolen and leaked online from an industrial contractor.
  11. Milwaukee-based provider of 'Smart' parking meters had data stolen during a ransomware attack

Ransomware Attacks in May 2020

  1. Tom Tugendhat, MP for Malling and Tonbridge, says he was hacked
  2. Danger Zone! Brit supercomputer work ARCHER's cyber-attack authentication nodes, administrators reset passwords and SSH keys
  3. Hackers steal information about up to 100,000 people at Interserve
  4. EasyJet cyber-attack affects 9 million people
  5. The zero-day vulnerability in the Estonian email service Mail. ee has been exploited by government-sponsored hackers and compromised the accounts of many dignitaries
  6. Spear-phishing campaigns threaten executives at more than 150 companies
  7. Indonesia's Tokopedia begins the test after 91 million users have reportedly leaked data
  8. Software hackers steal £2.4m from Constable art sales
  9. GoDaddy notifies users of hosting accounts with breach
  10. French flooring company Tarkett has confirmed it has been hit by a cyber-attack
  11. According to an email sent by Superintendent Dr. Ben Drati, a student in the Santa Monica – Malibu Unified School District accessed the school's email late Friday evening
  12. BJC HealthCare, based in St. Louis, announced on May 5 a violation of an employee email which may have revealed patient details
  13. Students, experts call for clarification after 'highly damaging' cyber-attack at York University
  14. Hacker sells 22 million accounts of Unacademy users after data breach
  15. Russian Hackers accessed Emails from the Constituency Office of Merkel: Der Spiegel
  16. Law firm that represents Lady Gaga, Madonna, Bruce Springsteen, and Others experience huge breaches of data
  17. Newly attacked coronavirus drug maker Gilead reports of Iran-linked hackers
  18. Drug maker Gilead, recently targeted by Iran-linked hackers
  19. Infringement of U.S. data Marshals Service exposed current and former prisoners' personal information
  20. Hackers sell HomeChef, ChatBooks, and Chronicle Stolen User Data
  21. HEPACO, LLC Notifies of Data Privacy Incident
  22. targets hackers in an ironic cyber assault
  23. Minnesota Star Tribune says its website has been hacked to log in database
  24. Palm Beach County School District has red-faced after a 10-year-old hacked
  25. Wright County alerts data breach residents involving county employees
  26. Data information about more than 12,000 individuals leaked after Nikkei undergoes cyber-attack
  27. Hackers hit the largest sovereign wealth fund in the world
  28. Israel behind the cyber-attack in Iran's port that triggered 'complete disarray'
  29. Hacker leaks 40 million user records from Wishbone famous app
  30. Cyber-attack at Milan's San Raffaele hospital
  31. Indonesia reveals data breaches of over two million voters
  32. Online learning site EduCBA exposes data breach after hack
  33. Chapel Hill-Carrboro Schools e-mail Rick-Rollers hacked
  34. Client Grabs Trojanised Discord Passwords and User Tokens
  35. Hackers Expose Gaping Holes in IT Programs in North Macedonia
  36. Infringement of Arbonne MLM data reveals user passwords, personal details
  37. Japanese telecommunications giant NTT claims hackers infiltrated their internal network and stole consumer data on 621.
  38. Minneapolis City Infrastructure Cyber-Attack briefly
  39. Data Breach throws out four million users of the Dating App
  40. Students and children at risk after stolen Mathway credentials

Ransomware Attacks in June 2020

  1. Fears of Hockley GP surgery patient files hacked-urgent probe launched
  2. The UK website of Avon is down a week after a cyber-attack
  3. Hacker leaks dark web hosting database
  4. Hackers have access to data from Universities in Nigeria and Kenya
  5. Amtrak resets customer passwords following data breach at Guest Rewards
  6. Duluth student warned school district about breach of security
  7. Kentucky Health Plan for Employees hit by a couple of cyber-attacks
  8. CPA Canada discloses data breaches involving 329,000 individuals
  9. Some of the patients at the University of Utah Health are being notified that a recent email security breach may have compromised their private information.
  10. San Francisco Workers' Pension Scheme says a contractor has been compromised
  11. College portal in San Beda hacked, with thousands of personal data stolen
  12. Everett & Hurite Ophthalmic Association discloses protected health information incident
  13. Phishing Attack Hits Task Force on German Coronavirus
  14. Honda probes suspected cyber-attack following factories hit by network failure
  15. City information systems in Florence hit by cyber-attack
  16. Hackers violated A1 Telekom, Austria's largest ISP
  17. MU Health Care suffered a data breach involving patient details
  18. Cano Health tells its patients about an incident that may have compromised some confidential details
  19. has been impersonated in phishing attacks for a year
  20. The Portal for Far Eastern University in the Philippines hacked
  21. China launches cyber-attacks after India MASSACRE on government websites and banks
  22. Mid-Michigan College data breach endangers up to 16,000 personal data
  23. 'BlueLeaks' Reveals Hundreds of Police Department Files
  24. CHI St. Luke’s Health – Memorial Lufkin-Notification of the data breach
  25. Cyber-attacked Australian government
  26. Data stolen from a consulting firm in Silicon Valley offered for sale on a hacker forum
  27. A major live events manufacturing firm has disclosed a data breach affecting its employees' personal and financial information.
  28. Personal data of 350,000 + social media influencers and consumers compromised
  29. Student email list compromised at Jamesville-DeWitt High School; explicit messages sent
  30. Hackers breach E27, want "donation" to report a vulnerability
  31. Data leak reveals Maine's classified police intelligence agency’s activities
  32. Brazilian federal police investigate leakage of Presidential data
  33. Cyber-hackers target Life Healthcare in South Africa

Ransomware Attacks in July 2020

  1. Blackbaud hack: More than 20 colleges and charities in the United Kingdom, the United States, and Canada have confirmed their victims of a cyber-attack
  2. The Labour Party humiliates data breaches as a large amount of sensitive information stolen
  3. The names and numbers of 56,000 individuals using CNY Works jobs services have been potentially compromised in a cyber-attack
  4. Turkey: KVKK reveals that the Doctor's office has suffered a data breach
  5. Orange S.A., a French telecommunication service was attacked by a data-stolen ransomware attack.
  6. Argentinian Telecommunications reportedly struck by crypto-ransomware
  7. Argentinian Telecommunications reportedly struck by crypto-ransomware
  8. Cooke County in Texas with REvil ransomware struck by a gang
  9. 47,754 Individuals hit by a Ransomware attack from Lorien Health Services
  10. After the ransomware attack, Garmin services and production go down
  11. Athens ISD pays a ransom for school data releases
  12. Canadian managed service provider Pivot Technology Solutions, Inc. reveals assault on ransomware

Ransomware Attacks in August 2020

  1. British Dental Association hack: details of Employees Leaked on the Dark Web
  2. A foreign cyber-attack has targeted ASX-listed aged care provider Regis
  3. Canon has been subjected to a ransomware attack affecting various services, including Canon's account, Microsoft Staff, the US website, and other internal applications
  4. After a small Colorado town paid a ransom to cyber-attackers, the rest of the state is worried
  5. Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the DoppelPaymer gang launched a ransomware assault on ventilator maker Boyce Technologies.
  6. Atlanta doesn't seem a safe location for orthopedic patient data protection
  7. IVC Hit with Ransomware Attack; Effect on Multiple Systems and Remain Offline
  8. The maker of Jack Daniel's was the victim of the apparent assault on Ransomware
  9. Medical debt collection business R1 RCM targeted in an attack by Ransomware
  10. Ponca City Schools said it was working with the FBI and reconstructing the lost data after hackers attacked the district's network over the weekend.
  11. A new ransomware group says a billion-dollar corporation based in Toronto is going to be one of the first victims of a new ransomware group called DarkSide.
  12. Customers complain about delays after a ransomware attack on the Canpar Express delivery business
  13. Hackers want money to unlock files for Haywood County school district
  14. Weeks ago, Ventura Orthopedics was hit by ransomware; some patient data dumped
  15. Gosnell schools hit with assault by ransomware
  16. The Rialto Unified School District in San Bernardino County was forced to briefly discontinue virtual training after a malware attack hit its infrastructure.
  17. Valley Health System recovering from attack with ransomware and improving patient treatment
  18. Selma Unified School District says hackers have hit it.
  19. Greenville Technical College does not say any personal data is compromised by the ransomware incident
  20. Already in the middle of a crisis, ransomware has targeted a Houston hospital
  21. Rocky Mount faces cyber-attack; investigation to determine if personal data is stolen
  22. Amphastar Pharmaceuticals discovers that hackers used ransomware attacks to exfiltrate employee data
  23. Carnival cruise operator hit by ransomware

Ransomware Attacks in September 2020

  1. A cyber-attack has struck Newcastle University, which is expected to take "several weeks" to sort out.
  2. According to a letter sent to parents by Superintendent Jeffrey Schoonover, Somerset Berkley Regional High School was the target of a ransomware attack.
  3. The official immigration agency of Argentina, Dirección Nacional de Migraciones, has suffered a ransomware attack by Netwalker that has temporarily prevented border crossings into and out of the country.
  4. K-Electric, the sole supplier of electricity for Karachi, Pakistan, has experienced a ransomware attack by Netwalker that has resulted in billing and online services being disrupted.
  5. On Wednesday, the director of Saraburi Hospital reported that ransomware had attacked the hospital computer system, but said no demand for money was issued.
  6. NorthShore University HealthSystem said about 348,000 people's details might have been revealed earlier this year in a violation involving one of the suppliers of the health system.
  7. Owing to a ransomware attack, SegurCaixa Adeslas triggers its contingency plan
  8. A Netwalker ransomware attack has hit Equinix, a data center and colocation giant, where threat actors are demanding $4.5 million for a decryptor to prevent stolen data from being released.
  9. CA Enloe Medical Center notifies patients after an incident with Blackbaud ransomware
  10. Virginia Fairfax County Public Schools acknowledges cyber attack
  11. One of the largest US IT staffing firms, Artech Information Systems, has revealed a data breach caused by a ransomware attack.
  12. Roper St. Francis sends an alert of data breach security to nearly 93K patients
  13. Seychelles' Development Bank struck by a ransomware attack
  14. Security area of Gelderland affected by the ransomware attack
  15. After a ransomware operation leaked their stolen data, University Hospital New Jersey (UHNJ) suffered a huge 48,000 document data breach.
  16. New Jersey and California schools join the ransomware victims list
  17. Jekyll Island Authority was the victim of a ransomware attack last week, which has since been largely tackled.
  18. Floral Park-Bellerose School District struck by a ransomware attack
  19. During a ransomware attack on Duesseldorf University Hospital, a woman in Germany died in what may be the first death specifically related to a hospital cyberattack.
  20. The Regulatory Agency for Ontario Nurses investigating 'Cybersecurity Incident'
  21. NC: Ransomware hit Guilford Technical Community College
  22. Anglicare Sydney is held to ransom confidential data stolen from the computer system
  23. Leading U.S. IPG Photonics laser developer hit with ransomware
  24. 540,000 sports referees noted in a failed ransomware attack
  25. Ransomware targeted government software provider Tyler Technologies
  26. UHS hospitals hit by countrywide Ryuk ransomware attack
  27. CMA CGM has now reported that it was hit with a ransomware attack after initially reporting that the company's booking system was disabled by "an internal IT infrastructure problem".

Ransomware Attacks in October 2020

  1. London’s Hackney Council has reported it has “been the target of a serious cyber-attack which is affecting many of our services and IT systems”.
  2. Ardonagh Group insurance provider disabled 200 admin accounts when a ransomware infection took effect.
  3. Recovering Our Youth Non-profit seems to have paid a ransom to remove data
  4. Casino shut down by external computer assault in Northern California which could be ransomware
  5. New Jersey hospital paid $670K ransomware to stop data leakage
  6. Clinical Trials Hit by Ransomware Attack on Health Tech Firm
  7. AAA Ambulance said that this summer it found a data breach that could have revealed personal data and protected health details.
  8. In the aftermath of the ransomware attack on the county network in October, Hall County officials continue to work to restore services.
  9. A school district in Massachusetts shut down by ransomware attack
  10. Software AG, the German tech giant, down after ransomware assault
  11. The Conservancy of Lake George Land attacked in a ransomware assault
  12. Ransomware attack disclosed by Seyfarth Shaw LLP
  13. Mt. Pleasant City falls victim to a remote ransomware attack
  14. The latest high-profile Australian company to fall victim to ransomware attackers is Spotless Group, the Downer-owned facility services provider.
  15. Healthcare System for Dickinson County reacting to malware attack
  16. Notifying patients of the Blackbaud case by OSF Healthcare
  17. Barnes & Noble was targeted by a cyber-attack revealing consumer information
  18. STM Public transport system in Montreal hit by a ransomware attack
  19. Ansa McAl, the biggest conglomerate of THE CARIBBEAN, is the target of ransomware hackers keeping hostage some of the company's IT systems.
  20. In the psychotherapy data breach, hackers keep patient details for ransom.
  21. Sopra Steria, a European IT services group, is fighting a suspected ransomware assault on its network.
  22. Parker County affected by security attack on computers
  23. Sonoma Valley Computer systems in hospitals shut down by 'security incident'
  24. Hackers are targeting Haldiram servers, asking for Rs 7.5 lakh.
  25. Cyberattacks and data breaches hit the Japanese drug company Shionogi
  26. A cyberattack hit Chenango County
  27. WastedLocker ransomware enters the operator of Boyne Resorts ski resort
  28. After a major ransomware assault on servers, PTI services were disrupted.
  29. Ransomware targeted another Noida sweets maker,
  30. Again Netwalker hit by ransomware, demands $14 million from Enel Group
  31. Giant Steelcase furniture struck by Ryuk ransomware attack
  32. Ransomware-affected hospitals in St. Lawrence County
  33. Salem, N.H., Cyberattack Interrupted, Data May be Compromised
  34. Sodinokibi Ransomware Group hits the Chamber of Crafts of Hanover
  35. A cyber-incident has been encountered by Piedmont Community College (PCC)
  36. Gaming Partners International ransomware gang hacked gaming company REvil

Ransomware Attacks in November 2020

  1. Flagship Group announced that on Sunday, 1 November, its networks were breached by a "cyberattack".
  2. Cyber Attack Hit by Manchester United Football Club, No Data Loss Reported
  3. Cyber attackers targeted the town of Ravenna in Italy
  4. Cyberattack shuts down Saskatchewan Polytechnic
  5. Up to 350,000 people are at risk after the Capcom ransomware attack
  6. Advanced Urgent Care of Florida Keys notifies patients eight months after the ransomware attack
  7. At the end of October, e-commerce software provider X-Cart suffered a ransomware attack that brought down customer stores hosted on the hosting site of the company.
  8. Compal, the world's second-largest laptop maker, has been hit by ransomware.
  9. In a recent ransomware attack, the Jekyll Island Authority sent alerts to individuals whose data could have been compromised.
  10. A second French pharmaceutical laboratory in a few days has been hit by ransomware. It is Bailly Creat's turn to pay the price for the Doppel group's digital terrorists.
  11. Melbourne company refuses details stolen during a ransomware attack
  12. Umanis hit by ransomware from NetWalker
  13. The public Library of Northampton working to recover from the ransomware attack
  14. Ransomware attack causes web hosting provider to take offline servers
  15. Ransomware hit Quebec's largest agricultural firm, Sollio Groupe coopératif,
  16. GWG Housing Association ransomware attack: Cybercrime Arrives in the Middle of Society
  17. A cyberattack targets the daily "Paris-Normandie"
  18. Ransomware attack cripples the school system of Oglethorpe County
  19. Websites of the Archdiocese of St. Louis down after ransomware attack
  20. GoDaddy employees are used in attacks on multiple cryptocurrency services
  21. Due to the ransomware attack, retail giant E-Land shuts nearly half of its stores
  22. Four Winds Hospital in NY reveals September ransomware attack
  23. Law In Order, an Australian document and digital services provider to law firms experienced a cyberattack that is suspected to be the Netwalker malware.
  24. After his network access and servers were put on sale for $4,000 on the dark web, Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) allegedly suffered a major security breach.
  25. FBI, state supporting Baltimore County Public Schools with ransomware attack investigation
  26. Danish news agency refuses demand for ransom after the hacker attack
  27. Spring Independent School District, hit by ransomware in Houston
  28. Finistère Habitat paralyzed by a cyberattack
  29. Ransomware attack on the Haute-Ariège Group of Communes

Ransomware Attacks in December 2020

  1. Transform Hospital Community falls prey to ransomware attack
  2. Hampton Roads Sanitation District ransomware attack wipes out billing system 
  3. Radio Azzurra of Italy hit by ransomware attack
  4. Helicopter Producer Kopter Hits by Ransomware
  5. Egregor's Ransomware Steals Randstad Recruiter Data
  6. Ransomware affected the IT systems of Greater Baltimore Medical Center
  7. Electronics giant Foxconn hit by Ransomware
  8. City computers causing outages around Bowie and Miller Counties have been hit by a ransomware attack.
  9. Provider of Maine disability services notifies 3,000 patients after frustrating ransomware attack
  10. The internal computer network of the Socorro Independent School District was suspended due to viruses.
  11. Cyberattack against Dassault Falcon Jet Corp. Claimed by Ragnar Locker.
  12. Palermo, a cyber attack on the networks of Amg Energia
  13. Giant TSYS payment card processing suffered a ransomware attack
  14. Independence, Mo., Recovers After Assault by Ransomware
  15. NetGain takes data centers offline after a ransomware attack
  16. The executive of Baltimore County says that school officials failed to provide ransomware attack details
  17. Jersey City ransomware attack agency investigating utilities that blocked access to 'vital' data
  18. Pay2Key ransomware hacked Intel's Habana Laboratories, data stolen
  19. Ransomware attack affected Symrise
  20. Online classes at Firelands Middle School suspended after 'Zoom bombing' incident
  21. Ca: Olympia House informs patients of a ransomware attack detected in early August
  22. Services paralyzed by ransomware in Evreux City
  23. DoppelPaymer dumps Mississippi and Montana public school district data
  24. Forward Air trucking giant struck by new Hades ransomware gang
  25. Huntsville City Schools Warns Likely Hacked in cyber-attack on Personal Details
  26. Ellensburg City is the victim of a cyberattack with ransomware
  27. KY: Office of Jefferson County PVA struck by ransomware attack
  28. UVM Medical Center networks were downgraded by ransomware, but no payment was made.
  29. France-based hospital in Albertville, victim of ransomware
  30. Despite the attack, Leon Medical Center confirms ransomware attacks, credits staff and employees with providing quality care
  31. Cyber-attack hits innovaphone IP telephony supplier
  32. The Community Treatment Services Department of Florida suffers from ransomware attacks
  33. Riverside Group notifies October ransomware attack clients
  34. La Rochelle: The City and Agglomeration computer networks that are unavailable because of a cyber attack
  35. The laboratory in Antwerp is the latest victim of a cyber-attack.
  36. Cornelia a city in Georgia hit by a ransomware attack on the day after Christmas

“We will update you soon on the ransomware attacks in January 2021”

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Ransomware attacks are malicious software attacks with one aim in mind: to extort money from its victims. It's the most prolific criminal business models