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Tata Communications is an Indian telecommunications company, which offers its services and solutions for a wide range of government and privately-owned enterprises. Ranging from ethernet services to content delivery networks, Tata Communications specializes in setting up optimum telecommunication systems as part of its networking management solutions.
Being a global enforcer in offering telecommunication services, Tata Communications offers its solutions on optic fibre-based video network systems and web hosting platforms.


Tata Communications required scalable, reliable, and efficient solutions to realign its existing data centers with an upgraded IT infrastructure.
Furthermore, there were issues with aisle containment systems at the data center facilities, which affected the functioning of the cooling systems, as the supply temperatures and exhaust air outflows were adversely impacted which could result in increased energy costs, coupled with server rack problems and IT equipment damages.


Tata Communications offered the necessary contractual obligations to Teceze to provide essential data center services. Teceze assisted in realigning and revamping the entire data center management system of Tata Communications, which aided in the advancement of the firm’s digital and telecommunication operations. An extensive and efficient aisle containment system has been set up to regulate the functioning of the cooling systems, which ensures that the supply temperatures are precise, as the installed servers within the server racks receive accurate air supply with an effective cooling mechanism in place.

Solution Highlights
  • Datacenter Ops Team for daily operations and management.
  • Expertise and advice from traditional to more exotic IT requirements
  • Cost-effective setup of aisle containment, racks, UPS.
  • 24/7 proactive device monitoring in datacenter.
  • Market leading rates
  • Accurate cost reporting
  • Unified technology.
  • Reduced lead times.
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