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Wipro is an Indian multinational corporation that specializes in information technology services and business processing solutions. Being at the forefront of digital transformation and data analytics, Wipro is widely considered one of the top tech giants in the Indian IT industry.Ranging from engineering services to technological consultancies, Wipro offers a wide array of service offerings including the likes of cloud computing, cybersecurity, and artificial intelligence with a solid global presence across 167 countries.


The faced challenges were predominantly associated with the maintenance of a complex framework, which was used in maintaining system configuration patterns. The complexity of the system configuration patterns nullified a viable user experience, so there was a necessity to realign the software management process for a simplified user experience.


Teceze provided the required assistance in realigning the software management system for Wipro to provide a simplified user experience for the end users. The complex system framework was strategically redesigned to meet the business needs of Wipro’s end users. Any software-related incidents will be quickly addressed by Teceze’s seasoned technical experts

Solution Highlights
  • Effective system configuration management simplified the user experience.
  • Interfaces created for easy access management needs.
  • Implemented security protocols safeguard sensitive data through encryption.
  • Faster response times
  • Dedicated desk provides 24/7 software support.
  • Market leading rates
  • Accurate cost reporting
  • Integrated technology.
  • Reduced lead times.
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