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ACG Group is an Indian multinational pharmaceutical firm that provides medical supplies, tablet coating systems, fluid bed equipment, tablet compression systems, and over-the-counter and prescription medicinal supplies.
ACG is a pharmaceutical behemoth with an equipped global presence in over 100 countries. Apart from dealing with medical and pharmaceutical supplies, the firm also offers its services in the production and distribution of carton-packing machines, coating equipment, candy-wrapping machines, camera inspection systems, and capsule-filling machines.


The ACG Group faced challenges in realigning its cloud ecosystem, as the accessibility and configuration of the deployed applications in the dedicated cloud environment were hampered with multiple resource controls. Furthermore, the lack of a cloud-based SSO (Single-Sign-On) authentication mechanism caused further delays in accessing and configuring the application data sets, which adversely impacted the firm’s technological practices.


The ACG Group handed out the necessary contractual obligations to manage its cloud adoption policies and non-hardware support services to Teceze to revamp its digital transformation approach. With the adoption of Microsoft Azure solutions, Teceze realigned the ACG Group’s cloud infrastructure, enabling the seamless accessibility and configuration of the deployed applications in the Azure-based cloud infrastructure model.

Solution Highlights
  • A Teceze team,designs ACG's Azure environment following best practices.
  • Azure Sign-On is implemented for cloud security management services.
  • Data encryption mechanisms are in place to protect Azure-based cloud infrastructure from breaches.
  • Faster response times
  • Market leading rates
  • Accurate cost reporting
  • Harmonized technology
  • Shorter lead times
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