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Tanner Pharma Group is a global pharmaceutical firm that offers a variety of medical supplies and clinical solutions to business organizations for facilitating a necessitated pharmaceutical solution mechanism. With an equipped global presence in over 10 countries, Tanner Pharma also offers its services on specialty access solutions in the form of extensive bioanalytical approaches and drug development programs.


Tanner Pharma Group was facing challenges in realigning its internet connectivity services. The existing internet service provider could not provide increased bandwidth transmission rates for the ethernet services owing to a lack of a large-scale centralized networking model.
Furthermore, there was a need to have a sustainable internet service model to meet the increased demands of business demands.


Tanner Pharma Group offered the essential contractual obligations to Teceze to provide essential internet connectivity services. Being a partner vendor of Virgin Media, Teceze employed the services of Virgin Media to provide internet connectivity solutions for the Tanner Pharma Group. A large-scale networking model was set up to establish an efficient ethernet service mechanism, ensuring that bandwidth transmission rates increased to the expected levels, thereby satisfying the needs and requirements of the Tanner Pharma Group.

Solution Highlights

  • Single provider for global connectivity established.
  • Precise setup and installation with utmost accuracy.
  • Real-time network monitoring system addresses service needs.
  • 24/7 NOC with expert support resolves network issues.
  • Market leading rates
  • Accurate cost reporting
  • Harmonized technology
  • Shorter lead times
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