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As a leading healthcare expert in the UK, HCA UK provides high-quality care for patients, driven by intensive and reliable medical practices with the aid of renowned medical practitioners. HCA UK is the only private hospital group in the UK, which equips all of its facilities with the highest number of critical care beds to fulfill the needs of grievously injured or critically ill patients, so as to provide full-fledged medical care support and optimized services.


Projects suffered from uncoordinated purchasing, with different project managers going to different suppliers, using different credit cards, and procuring different equipment for each job. The result was a supply chain that was in no way harmonised or making best use of procurement efficiencies whilst the effects impacted the final service we delivered to our clients.


Teceze sourcing programme has helped HCA Healthcare focus their attention on the services they are commissioned to deliver, rather than worrying about IT sourcing and dealing with multiple suppliers to determine what products are needed from whom and by when.

Solution Highlights
  • Single phone number and email to source any item of IT equipment
  • Expertise and advice from traditional to more exotic IT requirements
  • Central point of supply
  • Faster response times
  • Market leading rates
  • Accurate cost reporting
  • Harmonized technology
  • Shorter lead times

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