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Vyaire Medical Inc. is a US-based medical equipment and device manufacturer with specializations in dealing with the supply of ventilators, breathing circuits, monitoring supplies, and hygiene devices, which are predominantly used in healthcare services.

Vyaire Medical Inc. has forged a successful supply mechanism to provide hospitals and healthcare service providers with essential medical supplies and hospital appliances.


Vyaire faced challenges in adopting a seamless unified communication model, as the communication and collaboration between the employees took a slight hit, owing to a lack of a stable digital interaction system. The inter-communication and coordinated collaboration between the employees had also been affected, as no systematic unified communication model was put in to facilitate the digital interaction mechanism.


Vyaire handed out the essential contractual obligations to Teceze to set up a dedicated unified communication system. Being a partner vendor of Microsoft, Teceze assisted Vyaire in making use of Microsoft’s Teams communication solutions to set up a wholly function and efficient digital communication system to facilitate a viable digital interaction process between the employees of Vyaire, which paved the way for a feasible collaboration and effective communication strategies.

Solution Highlights

  • Ring Central VOIP system migrates to Microsoft Teams.
  • Cost-effective deployment results in 30% savings.
  • Support team resolves connectivity issues with expertise.
  • Faster response times
  • Market leading rates
  • Accurate cost reporting
  • Harmonized technology
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