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LycaHealth is a UK-based diagnostic centre with equipped outpatient clinics to provide essential healthcare services across the East London region. The mission of LycaHealth is to combine its healthcare service model with technological innovation to deliver effective healthcare remedies for all of its patients.

With the committed advancement in diagnostic research and medical practices, LycaHealth offers an affordable healthcare service, ensuring that the relevant remedies and appropriate medical attention are provided to the patients.


The issues faced by LycaHealth were associated with the printing costs, as their varied needs required a strenuous amount of effort to deal with the process of printing a large set of documents. There was a lack of printer supplies to the desired office locations, as LycaHealth could not find a strategic print service provider.


LycaHealth provided the necessary contractual obligations to Teceze to hand out the essential print services in accordance with the required business needs. With effectual service strategies, Teceze supplied the essential sets of printing devices to LycaHealth, enabling them to cut down the printing costs, which paved the way in minimizing the operational expenditure to a great extent.

Solution Highlights

  • A budget-friendly supply system ensured safe printer transportation.
  • Teceze's skilled experts precisely configured and installed printers.
  • Central point of supply
  • A streamlined system manages efficient printing supplies replacement.
  • Market leading rates
  • Accurate cost reporting
  • Harmonized technology
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