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Kyndryl Holdings Inc. is an American-based information technology infrastructure service provider, which deals with the process of designing, building, managing, and delivering large-scale information systems to digital enterprises.

As part of customer advisory practices, Kyndryl delivers prominent and strategic technology solutions to realign the digital transformation strategies of its esteemed clients, which include the likes of Microsoft, EY and Five9.


The faced challenges were in the form of a decentralized IT asset management system, as the existing management system did not possess a robust tracking mechanism, which resulted in excessive asset supplies and the usage of unnecessitated software solutions that led to licensing issues. These problems amounted to a great extent, which affected the business operations of Kyndryl’s offices and other IT service sites.


Kyndryl handed out the essential contractual obligations to Teceze to handle the software asset management services. An efficient asset management tracking system was built to track the usage of available assets and essential software solutions with apt licensing requirements. The redundant assets and software services were deftly eliminated, which paved the way for Kyndryl to save essential operational costs on asset management and software licensing processes.

Solution Highlights
  • Service desk tracks and manages requests efficiently.
  • Expertise and advice from traditional to more exotic IT requirements
  • Service desk tracks and manages requests efficiently.
  • Faster response times
  • Market leading rates
  • Accurate cost reporting
  • Harmonized technology
  • Shorter lead times
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